• The Discontentment Trap


    Yesterday, I feel pretty deep into the discontentment trap. Alex and I have recently been doing some projects around the house, and we started with some landscaping. It’s been pretty fun…

  • Do you like to highlight or write in the margins of your bible? I love to study that way, but I recently stopped. Click the post to read why I stopped bible journaling!

    Why I Stopped Bible Journaling


    If you’ve spent any time looking around this blog or at photos on my instagram, you’ve probably seen a picture of a brightly highlighted bible page with writing in the margins.…

  • Intimacy in marriage is so important, no doubt about it! But have you ever considered the different seasons of intimacy you may go through in your marriage? If you're feeling discouraged by your intimate life, click through to read!

    Seasons of Intimacy in Marriage


    Since becoming pregnant, Alex and I have had to adjust to a lot of differences in our intimate life. Of course, I’m large and in charge now (sooooo rounnnnddd), but also…