What to Do When You Get Bad News…and Good News

Gotten some bad...or good...news lately? It's really easy to get wrapped up in the reaction of our news, and we might be missing a key step in reacting to it! Whether it's good news or bad that you have received lately, click through to read my tip on the #1 thing to do when you get it!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all LOVE to get good news. It’s just something about waiting and waiting and finally getting the news you’ve been hoping for that makes it feel so sweet!


I’m all for good news, however, I’ve been realizing lately in my own life that there might be a missing step in our process of celebrating our good news. If you’re like me, you probably can’t wait to call the special people in your life to tell them about all the good things going on, right? I thought so. 😉


Is God a special person in your life?


I know that it seems like such a “duh” question, but I think it’s a valid question all the same. I can’t even count the amount of times that I have celebrated good news by immediately calling my husband and, in the high of my excitement, forgot to stop and pray first. God is the giver and taker away of all things. He is the one that deserves the first of all our everything. Because of who He is, stopping to talk to God when we receive news is SO important! In this post, we are going to chat about 3 times when we need to pray and 3 ways to make sure that we are going to God first! Let’s do it!


Pray When You Get Good News

Let’s start the conversation by talking a bit more about good news!


I’ve found that it is very easy, unfortunately, to start to forget about God in the really good moments. As sinners, we are prone to feeling as if we can do things on our own when things are going right for us. That is definitely not true. Even on the best, normal day when you wake up on time, make it to work, get home safely, and have an enjoyable time with your family…God has a hand in all of it. The Lord is the one who protects us in the moments  we forget to say thank you for. Think back to all the times that you have made a drive safely or cooked dinner without burning the house down. In each of those moments and all the other moments in life, God is the one keeping it all together for us. He is the almighty glue. 😉


The same can be said of those big, life-changing moments worth throwing a party for! Those are God moments! It’s super easy to turn to those right next to us and start gabbing about the amazing things happening in our life, and that’s totally okay to do. We just need to make sure that we are giving the praise FIRST to The Lord from which all things flow!

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Pray When You Get Bad News

Ever heard the saying, “There aren’t any atheists in a foxhole.”? It’s a saying that may not apply to everyone and, yet, it applies to all of us. This little quote is simply saying that when soldiers are on the front lines of battle, it’s really rare to find one that doesn’t believe in God. They’re right there in the thick of it, so they turn to God to keep them safe in a situation that is bigger than they are.


That happens to a lot of us in our lives as well. While things are going well, we remain a bit distant from God. As soon as things start to get scary or go wrong, we realize that we can’t do it alone and turn to Him. When we get bad news, God wants to help! It’s our job to make sure that it’s not the only time we are turning to Him, though. Pray to God in the great times, the good times, the not-so-good times, and the downright awful times.


“God doesn’t stop the bad things from happening; that’s never been part of the promise. The promise is: I am with you. I am with you now until the end of time.” -Madeleine  L’Engle 




Pray When You Still Don’t Have News

I thank God often for the fact that He is God, that I am not, and that I don’t understand everything. There is so much in this world that I don’t know and that I couldn’t handle, and I’m so grateful that we have an all-knowing and all-powerful God to take care of us. With that being said, it’s still hard to stay calm and grateful when we aren’t receiving answers or news for something really important. I don’t know your situation or what you are waiting for, but I know that I can identify with you if you’re waiting for that special piece of news. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting.


John 13:7 – Jesus replied, “You don’t understand what I’m doing now, but someday you will.”


There are only two things to do when you’re starting to get frustrated with waiting. Pray and remain faithful. God WILL make all things good according to His plan. Things WILL turn out the way they are intended to. If you’re still waiting on news for your situation, give that over to God and let Him take it from here.

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“I’m not used to praying for this stuff. How do I remember to do it?”


Ask someone to help – Tell people about what you’re trying to do! Chances are, the people closest to you are the ones you’ve been calling first with your news, and they’ll be more than happy to cheer you on and hold you accountable to putting God first!

Put up reminders – Think about changing your background on your phone or putting up sticky-notes where you’ll see them throughout the day! You can use encouraging bible verses or a simple statement that will help you remember whom to go to first.

Surround yourself with God ALL day – Find more ways to bring God into the everyday things that you may be doing “alone”.  Put a christian radio station on your presets in your car, stop to pray throughout the day, go for a walk and talk to God on your lunch break, start praying before dinner, etc. Putting God in the forefront of our mind during other activities will encourage us to put Him first when getting any type of news!


Let’s chat! Share with us in the comments below any tips you may have for keeping God first in your life!

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