The #1 Reason to Bless Your Husband

Ever feel like you're just not motivated to be a blessing to your husband? I've realized that using my husband as motivation to get things done isn't enough to keep my own selfish desires at bay. It doesn't seem to be enough to just bless him. Click to read what I've found to be the #1 reason (and the most effective) for blessing my husband!

Welcome to another Super Short Sunday post! I’ve realized that I have SO much that I want to share with you, but sometimes it’s just a quick thought here and there. Sundays have become a time for me to be candid with y’all and share what’s been on my mind, what I’ve been learning, and what I’ve been doing that’s been working. I love being able to share some of my more personal struggles and thoughts in a super quick post, so let’s do this!



It never fails. Every time that I have a day off work, I try my best to get as much done around the house as possible. I work a shift-work schedule, so time is scarce, and I don’t always have time to get every single thing done every day. That’s why I love the “weekends” and days off! And it never fails. Every time that I get a bunch of stuff done around the house, the first thing that I want to do is grab my husband and spout off a list of all that I did. I get so excited at the thought of his beaming smile and words of praise, and he never fails to drown me in it when I’m fishing for it. Gotta love him for that!


For a long time, I have been able to convince myself that I am running all over the house cleaning and cooking in order to satisfy my husband’s love language. He’s a physical touch guy and ALSO an acts of service kind of dude. I love being able to make him feel special by helping out as much as I can around the house, but if I’m being honest it’s never been about that for me.


I run around the house like a chicken with my head cut off because…I want to feel fulfilled by his words of affirmation…not necessarily to make him feel fulfilled by my acts of service. Uh-oh.


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I’ve realized that using my husband as motivation to get things done isn’t enough to keep my own selfish desires at bay. It doesn’t seem to be enough to just bless him. (Always keepin’ it real!) What does give me a fresh and servant-like perspective on the matter is when I put my focus on serving God through my husband. How could I have forgotten my favorite verse??


“For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.” -Galatians 5:13


Basically, when I’m finding myself “serving” for my own selfish desire for praise, I am going to make an effort to stop in prayer and ask God to put a renewed love in my heart for blessing my husband. It’s not about the praise or a clean house. It’s not really even about our marriage at all. It’s about realizing God’s love and the freedom I have been given through Christ. It’s about turning that freedom and love into actions that mirror God’s love for me to my husband.


I think it’s okay to not always be the best wife. No woman can actually attain that! What we need to be focusing on is loving and blessing our husbands the best way that we can (without selfish motives) because of God’s undeniable, unwavering love for us!


Let’s chat! In what way can you be a blessing to your husband this week?


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