14 Things to Do When You Only Have 10 Minutes

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Short on time? I feel you on that one! I've become a bit of an expert at getting things done with little to no time to do them, and I want to share with you! Check out my list of 14 things to get done when you only have 10 minutes to spare!

Hey, lovelies! I know I’ve been absent from the world of blogging for a week or so, but I’m ready to jump back in! I’ve mentioned a few times before that I’m working on an intimacy eBook, and I wanted to take this time off to dig into that a bit more. I’m a huge fan of the idea that when you bring something onto the plate, something must come off. I’ve fallen victim to not doing that in the past, and I wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen again, so I took that break! Now for what you came here for…today, I want to give you some time-saving tips! I feel as if I’m always on the go with only ten minutes to spare, and I’m becoming a bit of an expert on what you can get done in that short amount of time. Let me share my secrets with ya 😉 Down below are 14 things you can get done in 10 minutes to help you be more productive and have a happier day!



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1. Start making some coffee…

This one is my go-to when I’ve just woken up and am already needing to rush out the door! 10 minutes in the kitchen goes a long way to making the rest of your day feel like less of a mess. Put some coffee on to brew (or sip some pre-workout if that’s your jam), and get to work! You’ve got to wait for the coffee to brew anyway, so might as well get some stuff done, am I right? My favorite things to do in this time are wiping down the counter tops and unloading & loading the dishwasher. I don’t know what it is about dishes, but I just hate doing them. BUT waiting for coffee is the perfect time to get them done straight away! Doing this small thing if you’ve got 10 minutes in the morning will set you up for a fresher home and more relaxed day, trust me!


2. make the bed, & start some laundry

This is another one of those things that will really set your day off right. Just don’t forget to transfer the clothes to the dryer later in the day! (I ALWAYS forget.) I’m constantly hearing about studies proving that when you make your bed, you’re more productive throughout the day. This post is about being super busy with only ten minutes, so I obviously don’t have time to check those studies out, but I’ll buy it! Take the 10 minutes and use that time to make your bed + get some laundry going…and fold some laundry if you’re feeling frisky. 😉


3. read a few chapters of a book to relax

“But, Carisa…I thought these things were supposed to make me more productive? I don’t have time to just sit around!” Girl, trust me. I know your pain. However, we can’t spend all the hours of the day being busy little bees who take zero time to rest. You WILL burn out. Sometimes the best thing to do is to take those 10 minutes, and sit down with your favorite book!


4. vacuum and speed mop the floors

If you have fuzzy, furry dogs, you know my pain here! Ha! I have two golden retrievers, and I feel like I need to vacuum daily! I probably should get it done each day, but sometimes I just don’t have the time. However, this is one of those things that you can speed-tackle in ten minutes, and it will leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world with those clean floors!


5. quick bathroom clean

This is another one of those things that I like to avoid at all costs. I’m just not a fan of cleaning bathrooms, and I’ve almost convinced Alex to be the bathroom cleaning guy permanently. I know, I know, not nice. #oops If you’re like me, and leaving this one off to the very last minute, take those 10 minutes, and dig in! When I’m short on time, I focus on a quick spray down of the shower, wiping all the horizontal surfaces, emptying the trash, and a quick de-clutter. Happy cleaning!


6. do a brain dump

This is actually what I’m doing now, and it’s super simple! Take a little bit of time, and write down on a piece of paper all the things you’ve got on your mind. These can be things you don’t want to forget, things to do later, ideas, goals, etc. Just get all that stuff out of your head to make room for other things! Oh, and don’t worry about making it look nice. My brain dumps look like chaos on paper.


7. call someone to chat

I’m not a big phone person (unless I’m talking my husband’s ear off), but sometimes you just need to get it all out and talk to someone you love. If you’ve got a spare 10 minutes, why not call up your mom?




8. find a youtube workout

If you find that you’re a little short on time a lot, I bet it’s pretty hard to get your workouts in, huh? I totally know that feeling! If you need to fit a workout in your day or even if you just need a mid-day pick-me-up, try finding a short YouTube workout or dance video, and get your move on. I promise this one will have you feeling great afterwards!


9. straighten up your creative space

Take 10 minutes to tidy things up in the area you spend the most time being creative in! Because I’m working so hard when I sit down at my desk, it’s one of the first places to become a cluttered mess. Once it’s messy, I can’t seem to think straight, so this one is a game changer for me. Grab that coffee from earlier when you were doing dishes, and get to work on straightening up your work space or the room you spend the most time in.


10. prep things for the next day

Maybe today isn’t super busy, but tomorrow will be? Take advantage of the 10 minutes you have today that you might not have tomorrow. Some ideas for how to prep…pack your lunch, set out your gym clothes or work clothes, get your journaling supplies all laid our and ready for your bible study time, decide what makeup look you’re gonna go with, etc. Just prep ahead of time!


11. pet your animals and play with them

Fuzzy animals that love us make everything better. Take 10 minutes, and pet your fur babies. Do I even need to say anything else about this one? 😉




12. spend time resting with god

If you don’t do any of the other things on this list, promise me that you’ll do this one. I’m not even talking about praying or reading the bible or doing a devotional or anything really. What I’m talking about here is taking 10 minutes to literally sit in silence and rest with God. Of course, you can do any of the things listed earlier if you feel led to do that, but don’t be afraid to just sit, listen for His voice, and rest. He already knows what you’re thinking and needing, so you can rest comfortably in His love.

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13. do something small for someone you love

I love to receive gifts (it’s one of my love languages), but there is something so freaking awesome about giving a gift or doing something kind for someone else! Take the time to leave your spouse a sweet note, to buy your grandma flowers, or leave an encouraging comment on a friend’s Facebook wall. Get creative! Don’t worry about spending a ton of money or time, just make sure it’s heartfelt!


14. write down what you’re grateful for

Lastly, gratitude. When I’m having a bad day or I’ve gotten some bad news, writing down positive things about the situation or things I’m grateful for is invaluable! It’s very easy for me to become a “cup half empty” kind of gal, so I have to work pretty hard to ensure that I’m staying positive. Take some time and write down 10 things that you’re grateful for RIGHT NOW! Try to tell me that it doesn’t brighten your day! (Sign up to get my free Gratitude Log here!)


Let’s chat! What are some things you do to brighten your day or increase your productivity when you only have a little time?


If this post encouraged you, check out my new Ebook! It’s FULL of tips on how to balance mom life, and I think you’ll enjoy it!



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  • Reply
    December 31, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    Great tips!! Good reminders. The work out one was a little cute to me because it would take me 10 mins to fine one. Lol so many choices.

  • Reply
    October 13, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    This is a great post- all totally doable ideas that help get a jump start on a positive, productive day. Pinning!

    • Reply
      Carisa Alford
      October 23, 2016 at 4:29 pm

      yay! I’m glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!

  • Reply
    September 1, 2016 at 8:37 am

    But the coffee thing WORKS! Appliance placement is key xD. We run the dishwasher at night so I have to open it to get my coffee mug out. Which then leads to emptying and reloading the whole thing. Or I let my mug soak full of soapy water overnight, so I have to rinse it if I want my cup of joe. One rinse always leads to another! 🙂

    • Reply
      Carisa Alford
      September 2, 2016 at 3:46 pm

      Haha love that idea of soaking in soapy water!

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