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New year, new fitness goals! Right? It can be pretty overwhelming trying to figure out the best way to get fit, so here are my "normal girl" tips & tricks for easy fitness!

It’s a new year! Pretty exciting, huh?


It’s a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new year to make things happen.


I’m not the biggest fan of resolutions, but I know that a lot of people are…and I know that our goals for the new year often revolve around getting healthier. I may not have made actual set-in-stone resolutions this year, but it’s always a goal of mine to find ways to increase my fitness and overall health, so I feel ya! 😉 I post about my fitness journey and weight-loss a lot on Instagram, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what I’m doing & what’s been working for me over the past few months. What better time to talk about it than right now in the new year?!?


I’ve also started vlogging these blog posts, so if you’d rather grab this info in video/audio form, you can head over to the video here. If you’re gonna stick with readin’ (my personal fave way to soak in information!), scroll down to read my normal girl fitness tips!


** I am NOT a doctor or a professional on this topic in ANY way. These are my own personal opinions, so always check with a professional before you do any of the stuff! K? 🙂


Focus on Having Fun

This is the first thing on the list, because I honestly think it’s the most important. If you take nothing else from this post, read this. I never really was able to stick to anything exercise-wise until I started focusing on having fun instead of doing what everyone else was doing. We are exposed to so many opinions and influences on a daily basis, all telling us what they think we should be doing. When it comes to your fitness journey, try spending some time thinking about what you want to do.


If it sounds fun to dance…dance.

If it sounds fun to take a walk with your dog…take a walk with your dog.

If it sounds fun to lift weights…lift weights.

If it sounds fun to run…run.


The moment that I started to place the importance on movement and activity instead of the type of fitness, I became more active naturally and more likely to stick with it instead of quitting. Now 6 months or so into my journey, I’m following a “plan” that I have created for myself, but I still very much follow the principle of listening to my body and having fun with it!


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The Little Things Add Up

You woke up late, grabbed a donut or two from the pantry on your way out the door, had a hard day at work, and ended up deciding that you needed pizza for lunch. It’s now time for dinner, and you might as well grab fast food ’cause your day of eating is ruined anyway, right? 


Sound like you? No? Just me? 😉


If you’re anything like me, that scenario has played itself out in your life at least a time or two. But I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to go down like that. At any point in your day, week, month, or year, you can decide to make a change. Just because you ate a bunch of unhealthy stuff until 4pm doesn’t mean that you have to continue through dinner as well. The little things do add up, and every little good decision that you make is a victory!


Start small, and do your best to make each decision as healthy as you can. You’ll feel empowered and healthier!


Get Pumped Up

Haha! This category is kind of broad because I do a lot of different things depending on the day to get myself motivated for exercise. Ever had someone suggest getting a new workout outfit to make you feel confident in the gym? I’m a believer in that, for sure! I think, sometimes all it takes is a new outfit or a good song to completely change the scope of our day. The same goes for working out!


Here are some of the things that I do to get pumped up for the gym.. 😉


Put on a cute workout outfit – This doesn’t have to be super expensive, either! Try heading to the thrift store (that’s honestly where 50% of my workout wardrobe comes from) to grab some new stuff or even just mix and match some of your own pieces to create something new. When you look great, you feel great!

Grab some lip gloss – Should you wear makeup to the gym? I don’t really know, -probably not- but if that’s the thing that makes you feel confident and ready to crush your workout, go for it!

Listen to some songs that you love – Keep a playlist full of songs that you love handy when you’re headed to the gym or outside for your workout. I try not to listen to those songs too often when I’m not working out. Then when it’s time to hit the gym, I’m even more excited to hear them since I haven’t heard them since the last time I worked out.

Drink coffee or pre-workout – This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me!

Scroll Instagram or Pinterest for some inspiration – As long as you guard yourself against comparison, this one is always pretty helpful for me! Seeing inspirational quotes or people that I admire for their health always pumps me up!


Shoot for Mileage Instead of Calories

These next two tips are mainly geared for cardio and are pretty random, but they actually work! First, instead of focusing on the calories burned during your cardio, trying focusing on the mileage that you’re doing. I track my mileage on my Instagram, and seeing the miles go up and up each time I do exercise cardio really helps to motivate me to go further and track more miles! Yes, caloric burn is important. However, going more miles burns more calories, so it seems to work out the same for me…just an easier and more motivating way for me to think of it!


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Start at the 30 Second Mark

This one is also super random, but it’s been really helpful for the mental part of cardio. And let’s face it…cardio is basically all mental. Ha! So how does this work? Let’s say that you’ve got to do an interval run on the treadmill. You start out by walking for 5 minutes, and then maybe you’re supposed to run for 5 minutes. Instead of starting the run portion at the 5 minute mark, try starting the 5 minutes of running at 5 minutes and 30 seconds.


Weird, right?


I don’t know what it is about this trick, but something about starting the run halfway through one minute and halfway into the next minute really makes me feel as if the run goes by more quickly. Maybe it’s just me, but give this one a try, and see if it helps you with your cardio!


Stock Up with On-The-Go Food

Without fail, I always seem to have 1-2 days a week in which I find myself running out the door without a lot of time to grab healthy food for the day. That’s where on-the-go snacks come in! Make a list of all the healthy snacks your family likes, and keep those readily available all the time. Some things that I like to grab are hard-boiled eggs, fruit, protein powder & bars, veggies & hummus, cheese sticks, and oatmeal packets. There are TONS of other options, and it’s all about what sounds good to you! The key is having healthy items on hand for the inevitable days when you get too busy with the rest of life. It happens, and it’s okay, but it’s best to be prepared!


Let’s chat! What are some of your tips for staying on track with your health and fitness?

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