My Top 6 Books & Podcasts for Marriage Development

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Struggling in your marriage? Ready for change, but not sure how to make it happen? Check out this list of my favorite marriage development books and podcasts, and watch your marriage thrive!

I am a pretty horrible wife naturally. It’s true! If it were all left up to me, I would do whatever I want whenever I want for as long as I want. I have a naturally selfish personality when it comes to my relationship with my husband. This affects things from where we go out to eat dinner to the frequency and style for our intimacy. It’s actually been that way all my life with my past significant others, but only since getting married have I actually really noticed.


Thankfully, the Lord designed me with a deep desire for personal development which has (thank God!) leaked into my relationship with my husband. I slip into my bad habits from time to time, but God always quietly nudges me back towards learning and growing in my marriage.


I’m sharing this because I think you might be the same way. Maybe you’re not struggling with the same things as me, but your marriage isn’t where you want it to be. We’ve all been there! Anyone who tells you that marriage is a cakewalk is lying. It’s the most beautiful blessing, but it’s also really hard work! If we are striving to learn how to be better at all the others areas of our lives, why not apply the same tactic to strengthening our marriage!

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Below are my top 6 favorites books and podcasts for marriage development! There are so many different options out there, but these have MOST DEFINITELY brought a positive change to our marriage, so I NEED to share them with ya!



The 5 Love Languages * – You had to know that this one was coming! I know that this book is super well known, and you’ve probably heard about it by this point. BUT, it is THAT GOOD. This book really helped A and me to figure out how each of us best shows and likes to receive love. Because of that, we are able to tailor our approach to make the other person feel super loved. We don’t always get it right (duh), but it’s helped us understand each other a bit more. If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting this book…ummmm do it. 😉 


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Intimacy Ignited * – This book is perrrrrfect for one spouse, couples, or a study group to read. In this book, you’re taken through the book of Song of Solomon in a way that makes the imagery in that book much easier to understand. We loved reading this because it allows us to better understand what God intended for our intimate life in marriage through His Word!


The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex * – Do you see a trend here? HA! Intimacy in marriage has been one of our biggest struggles, just sayin’. I used to be embarrassed by that, but I’ve realized since blogging…it’s really common! Take heart if you’re a woman struggling with the same thing. And if you are, this book is AMAZING! BY FAR my favorite marriage development book. Sheila is so tasteful and kind in her writing, I learned a ton, was encouraged so much, and I’ll be buying another copy for my future daughters!



(You can find all these podcasts on Sticher for Android and iTunes Podcasts for iPhones.)

One Extraordinary Marriage – Sex, love, and commitment is the name of the game in this podcast. Tony and Alisa are a lovely Christian couple sharing what they are learning on their marriage journey, and you WILL learn a thing or two about how to love your spouse if you take a listen to this one.


Dad Tired – This one is my most recent find in the podcast department, and I just love Jerrad’s take on being a dude and being a Christian. Okay, so I’m not a guy, but this podcast helps me better understand my husband + God’s word is for everyone, so there is always something to take away for my own journey. Jerrad is such a down-to-earth guy with a unique spin on following Jesus that is seriously refreshing!


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Focus on the Family – Ah, I love this podcast as well! This one has the most diversity out of all the ones I’ve listed so far. You can always find something in the episode list for what you’re going through or need some insight on, and I love all the variety! Just a great, God-centered, make you think kind of podcast!



So, there you have it! My top 6! Someone is going to say it in the comments, so I’ll go ahead and address it now…you should always seek God and His Word FIRST. Absolutely. However, I believe that God has gifted these individuals with an undeniable ability to encourage and strengthen His people through His Word. Iron sharpens iron, so get your learn on!

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Let’s chat! Do you have a favorite book or podcast? Let me know your favorites in the comments below, and make sure to let me know if you check out one of the ones listed!

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