The Problem with the “No Excuses” Movement

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Ever find yourself stressing over your mile long to-do list that you MUST get done excuses, right? Been there, done that! Click through to read why I think the "no excuses" movement is a big problem!

Hey there, Lovelies! It’s been a while since we’ve chatted ( I know I say that every time LOL), but I’m really trying to only blog when I’ve really got something to say. I want to make sure that I’m speaking what God is putting on my heart instead of just putting up content that I think people will want to click on. You feel me??


That’s kinda what is fueling this post, actually! I’ve got something that’s really been bugging me lately, and what better place to air it out than right here? Lucky you 😉 Let me start this out by listing a few phrases that I’m NOT a fan of AT ALL.


girl boss.

no excuses.


your dreams don’t work unless you do.

consistency is key.


Disclaimer…Those words and that go go go mindset used to fuel a lot of what I did and how I thought about things. I remember being such a believer in the “no excuses” attitude whether it was in fitness or business or even getting things done around the house. And I mean, consistency is a good thing, right? I believe that all of these phrases come from such a good place, but I really don’t believe in a single one.


I have actually found them to be toxic in my own life. I know, I know, I’m getting all extreme over here, but I want to be honest! Hear me out!


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You do not always need to be a girl boss and hustle – sometimes you need to rest. At times, the no excuses thing doesn’t work because you actually do have a dang good excuse for taking it easy. Your goals and your dreams are going to be there whether you work them today or not. Consistency is great and all, but so is allowing yourself to be fluid and change.


Do I think that these phrases are the worst things ever and that no one should ever use them for inspiration? No. However, I know that, in my own life, there are some serious struggles with the pressure to always be producing content for my blog. Consistency, right? And then, I’ve got those days when I beat myself up over the no excuses thing when it comes to my workouts. Even though I’m working my tail off at work with barely any time to breath, I better make sure to get that cardio in, right?




There are excuses.

You do not need to hustle 24/7.

You are allowed to have days in which you do nothing but lift your phone to call the pizza delivery guy.


If these phrases are a source of healthy motivation for you, I’m glad! But if you’re stressing out over a mile-long to-do list because you just have to “girl boss it up” today and you can’t afford any “excuses”…stop stressing. There is another side of the spectrum in which slow and steady is winning the race. We are not all called to hustle.



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  • tiffany
    January 1, 2019 at 9:07 am

    I like your perspective. I’m actually learning and working on slowing my life down and I’m so excited for this process.

  • abby
    July 20, 2017 at 11:42 am