Something to Think About for Your 2018 Resolution

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Ever wonder why your New Year's resolutions don't stick? Click through to read something I think we all should be thinking about as we set our resolutions for the New Year!

The New Year season is usually marked by resolutions, goals, and plans…and I’m all for it! I love a good plan, and I’m probably about as Type A as they come on a lot of things.


This year is a little different for me, though. Maybe it’s the fact that being pregnant doesn’t leave too much time to think about a weight loss resolution, or maybe it’s just that this year has made me think about things a little differently. Whatever the case, I’ve been thinking about some things during this holiday season that have led me to why I believe none of my resolutions ended up successful in past years.


It’s probably not what you came to this post to find.


But it’s my prayer that this is just what you needed to read. 


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None of my resolutions ever worked because I was constantly focused on how much I would be able to accomplish in the year ahead. I have always been one to fill my list to the brim with plans and to-dos. In fact, I’m the girl (and I bet you are, too) who will sit down to write a to-do list, and the page is filled with stuff and things before 5 minutes have gone by. The stuff and things on your list for 2018 are probably all pretty important to you. They probably all feel super relevant, and I bet they are! I know mine always were. I really believed in those goals, plans, and to-dos…and my resolution was no different. I would spend the week before the new year obsessively thinking about my resolution, and then I would plan out all these huge changes I was going to make in my life in order to achieve the goal. That’s where my fitness coaching business started. That’s where this blog started. That’s where a lot of the changes in my marriage started.


So, it’s not all bad. A lot of good things can come from planning like that.


A lot of damaging thoughts can come from that mentality, as well. The new year’s hustle can leave us feeling worn out, defeated, and less-than in the blink of an eye if we aren’t careful.


So what do we do? What should we be thinking about before making our 2018 resolution?


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What can we realistically achieve this year without sacrificing our daily peace? 


We can’t do everything. It’s not possible to plan to make all the changes this year and still come out sane. 😉 So, as you step into the new year…


What things are important to you to change or improve upon?

What of those things can you actually achieve while still protecting the peace God wants for you?

What small steps can you take to make those things happen in a manageable way?


It’s not about reaching your goal in the first week. It’s not even about reaching your goal this year. (Who said you only get a year to do it??) It’s about becoming better each and every day to shine the light on what God is doing in your life. We can’t do that if we are stretched to the brink by our resolution for the new year.


If this post encouraged you, check out my new Ebook! It’s FULL of tips on how to balance mom life, and I think you’ll enjoy it!



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  • tiffany
    January 1, 2019 at 1:26 am

    This was a good one. And I think my last one for the night.