Creating an Environment of Worship for Little Ones

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Creating an environment for worship is so important for our children...even when they are small! Click to read how we are doing that in our family!

I knew early on in my pregnancy that I wanted to do my best to foster an environment of worship in our home for Kit. It’s so important to me that he knows that our home is filled with those who love and serve the Lord. I had many ideas on how I would make this happen once he came earthside, and now that he’s here, there are two things that I have really tried to stick with. It might seem a bit silly or even hard to make this a priority with an infant, but I hope these things will show you that it’s possible and important!


listen to worship music in the car

I love doing this for two reasons, actually! First, let’s chat about the worship aspect. This is such a simple way to really start introducing your baby to how wonderful our God is. Kit loves to dance and be sung to, so it’s no surprise that he seems to enjoy when I play music in the car. I believe that singing and music is one of the most universal ways to praise God. It’s something that reaches beyond cultures, languages, and age levels. There is just something about praising with music. I believe that the Lord will reveal himself to my small child through music, and I want to provide a space for that consistently on our drives to and from daycare

The second reason why I love playing worship music in the car is that it calms Kit. We rarely, if ever, have car meltdowns. Sometimes, he will throw a bit of a fight when I strap him in his carseat, but that subsides quickly. Every day on our drive to daycare, I play the same type of music at the exact same level for the entirety of the drive. Because the vibe in the car is the same and it’s something he can expect, Kit is perfectly content to look out the window and enjoy the ride in peace. I don’t manipulate the situation or try to draw his attention to anything in particular. We are able to just sit in silence, enjoy the music, and reflect on whatever we choose! It’s one of the most peaceful parts of my day, and I can tell that Kit enjoys it as well!



read the bible around your child

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m a huge fan of independent play for children. I really believe that children are studying and learning so much in their play, and they do not need us to interrupt them or direct them. Independent play is such a great thing for children, but also for momma! 😉 While Kit is happily playing on his own, I am often free to engage in something else. On the weekends and days when when we have more time to take it slow in the mornings, I make it a point to do some of my bible reading while he is playing on the ground next to me. I have found that it is very easy to sit on the floor against the couch, drink my coffee, and listen to the Word on my bible app. I’m not going to pretend that Kit even acknowledges the fact that he’s hearing the bible. He doesn’t. Ha! However, when our kiddos are small, I think that creating a space of worship is simply done by allowing them to encounter God through simple things like hearing the bible while playing. They aren’t yet old enough to watch us read the bible without wanting to lick the pages, but we can still make the effort to demonstrate what it looks like to read God’s Word.



I hope that this post is an encouragement to you if you’ve felt burdened by the weight of how to introduce your child to the Lord. I believe that it can be very simple and intuitive if we will allow ourselves to un-complicate it! Let me know down below if you have any other ideas on how to create an environment of worship for our children! I’d love to read your tips!

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  • tiffany
    January 1, 2019 at 5:00 pm

    I love that your doing this. I’m working on incorporating morning worship time. But ever night before bed we read out of the kids devotional. They each have their own. I would love for you to do a blog post on your favorite musical artist and other blogs you read and inspire you. I’m almost done reading all of your post and and will be keeping up with your blog foe here on out!