My Simple Tip for Making Self-Care Happen Today

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Having a hard time making self-care happen? Been there, too! Click to read my simple tip to making self-care (actually) happen today!

You don’t have to scroll social media or watch YouTube for very long to see someone talking about self-care. You’ll hear all kinds of ideas on how to care for yourself that range from exercising more to taking full spa days to simply reading more. The self-care list goes on and on. If you’re anything like me, you may find that the ideas given are things that would take a lot of planning to actually execute. Sometimes, it’s pretty dang difficult to pack up and spend an entire day at the spa. Actually, it’s nearly impossible since having my son! My tip for you today is for the times that you really need to get away for a spa day or the days when you want a fancy schmancy coffee, but you don’t have the time (or maybe the money) to do those things.


Make your normal into something luxurious. 


I discovered this idea of making normal things more luxurious when I was pregnant. I love to take baths, but I was always a bit underwhelmed when taking baths in our home because the tub felt small, my neck ended up hurting by the end of it, and the water seemed to slowly drain out without me realizing it. I did some researching online, and I quickly realized that there is a very simple solution to all of these problems! I ended up investing a small amount of money into a neck pillow, a new drain stopper, and some bath bombs, and voila! Every bath since then has felt like a little slice of heaven! If I really want to take it over the top, I bring an ice cold soda or a pint of ice cream into the bath with me. #causeimthemomandidowhatiwant


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You catching my drift here? If you’re a lover of a well-made coffee but finding it too expensive of a habit to keep up, why not buy some yummy syrups or a new mug to jazz things up? If you love to read, grab a wood-wick candle and some fuzzy socks for those moments when you cozy up with a book!


There are so many things you can do to make everyday things feel a bit more extravagant. Try taking five minutes to make a list of a few ideas you can implement this week, and get ready to feel relaxed!

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    January 1, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    So I have such a hard time with self care. For me I have had to just do it and not make it so spectacular because it never ends up that way right now in my life. In this season of young children. Lol so for now its just make sure I get it done.

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