Gift Guide for Men

If you've ever had a hard time shopping for a man in your life, check out my gift guide for men!

I asked on Instagram if gift guides are something that ya’ll would like to see, and the consensus was…yes! I’m not a style or lifestyle blogger, but I definitely want to write about things that are useful to you, so here we are! I knew that I would only have time to make one list, and it seems that the men in our lives are the ones that we have the most trouble shopping for. No surprise there. Every time Alex’s birthday or a holiday rolls around, I find myself planning months in advance, because what even do you get guys??


I spent some time rounding up all the things that we have bought recently for Alex, so these are tried an true items! After making a list, I believe that at least one of these items would work for just about any guy you might be shopping for. I’ll be linking to them on Amazon for ease of shopping! If you decide to purchase something from this list, it would mean so much if you would consider doing so through the link I’ve provided. I get a small incentive when you do that, and it’s so helpful in keeping this blog up and running. Your continued support means the world!


Let’s get into the list!



Slippers – Trust me, this is the gift that keeps on giving. We are BIG fans of slippers or moccasins or house shoes or whatever you want to call them! They used to be crucial in our old home when we had all wood floors, and we never stopped wearing them. I bought Alex this pair for Christmas after he got me this exact pair last year, and they are great quality!


Beard grooming kit – Any man with a beard is sure to love this. Great reviews!


Sunglasses – I love how classic but also trendy these are! I got Alex the black pair for Christmas.


Sex dice – This is obviously for your husband. I may or may not (totally did!) have bought these for the Christmas Intimacy Challenge


Gaming headphones – I know nothing about gaming, but Alex seems to love these. He’s an avid gamer, so this is a quality pair!


Phone mount – Great stocking stuffer idea! This one has multiple ways to mount it.


Hat – This is such a classically cool hat. I actually bought Alex a hat like this that he lost, and he requested that I find a replacement. Found this one on Amazon, and he wears it all. the. time.


Lounge pants – These are affordable and would be great to add in to some of the gifts you already have! We have these exact ones, and he likes them!


Car adapter – I honestly have no idea why we need a car adapter this fancy. My techy guy loves it, though, and it has come in handy on many a road trip.



I hope you find something on this list that fits your guy! Let me know in the comments some other ideas you have!



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