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If you've ever struggled with resentment or feeling awkward when praying with your spouse, click to read how I'm making prayer with my husband easier!

Today, I wanted to chat a little bit about praying with your spouse. I’ve done a post about this topic before, and you can find it here! In this post, I’ll be touching on two questions to ask ourselves if we find prayer with our spouse to be difficult.

I’ve been finding myself feeling some negative emotions lately when my husband initiates a prayer or bible study time. I’ve been feeling a weird sort of resentment during these times. I know deep down that it’s just Satan trying to get in my head, but it does get to me at times!

I find myself bringing to mind all the things that have bothered me about my husband. All the arguments. All the expectations not met. It starts to poison my mind against the good thing my husband is trying to do. These thoughts are not godly.

In these times, I try to bring my focus back to two questions.

What am I teaching?

I first heard this question being raised on The Mellow Mama YouTube channel, and it’s something that I have found to be relevant in many areas of my life! In regards to prayer with my husband, there is going to be a point in the very near future in which my son is going to be able to understand the interactions between me and Alex. It is my duty to teach my son what a godly woman looks like…more specifically in this instance, what a woman who follows her husband’s lead looks like.

So, what am I teaching?

If I am resentful and demonstrating unkind or even disobedient characteristics, my son will pick up on that. Even though I may not mean to, I might give him the wrong ideas about what it means to follow Christ as a family.

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What do my actions say about how I view scripture?

Do my actions demonstrate that God’s Word is vitally important to my life? Or do my actions demonstrate that I don’t feel the need to adhere to all the bible commands?

If the first question doesn’t set me right, this one usually does in a hurry!

If I’m being resentful toward my husband (or anyone!) wanting to share a prayer or read scripture together, I’m not showing that scripture is important to me. I’m not living out my faith. Also…it’s just plain rude! It can be hard for our husbands to feel confident bringing up a bible study or starting a prayer. That doesn’t come naturally to me, so I can’t expect it to come naturally to my husband either. It’s probably hard for him, and I’m making it worse!

These are just a few things that help me get my mind right when it comes to praying with my husband! You can check out some more steps in my other post on this topic if you’re looking for more ideas to make prayer with your spouse a bit easier. Leave a comment below if this was helpful, and feel free to head over to the BHC YouTube channel to check out some videos if that’s more your style!

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