4 Essentials for a Successful Date Night at Home

Date nights at home can be tricky to master, but I think we have it figured out finally! If you are struggling with how to date your spouse from home, click to read our tips!

I asked on Instagram which date night topic would be helpful to y’all, and this was the CLEAR winner! (I was secretly hoping that it would be!) Alex and I are in a season in which date nights out just don’t happen. We have no family in the area and no friends that we feel comfortable asking to watch our mischievous little guy. 😉 Because of that, I feel that we have pretty much mastered the art of dating in the home! Today, I’m going to be sharing the four essential pieces to a great date night at home and how to make it happen asap!

Actually call it a date night…and act like it

This one is BIG. Date nights at home can easily turn into routine nights at home. I think that you have to be even more intentional when it comes to dating in your house than if you were to go to a restaurant out in town. A lot of the prep work that serves to get you in the mood for dating is taken out of the equation when you’re staying at home.

First things first, tell your spouse that this is a date. Normally, I just let Alex know that I’d like to have a date at home on such and such date, but you can get more creative with it if you like! Maybe, send a text or write a note asking your husband to accompany you on this date night in?

You’ve also got to get in the date zone when it comes to attire and attitude. Now, there is nothing wrong with a date night in pajamas. Been there, done that, all the time! However, you may consider dressing up or freshening up your hair & makeup if that’s your thing. It’s also important to adjust your attitude. There is less prep work involved in a date night at home, so give yourself a little extra time to wind down, relax, and get in the head space to date!

let’s talk food

I’m pretty sure food is the most important part of a good date night. No, just me? Ha! You have a couple options when it comes to the food selection for your at home date night. Remember, with all of these tips, we are focusing on making things out of the ordinary. You don’t have to do all new things, but aim to try at least one of the things out of this post!

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When it comes to dinner (or lunch or breakfast depending on when you are having your date), one of the most common ideas I see suggested is to make a meal together. I really like this one! My twist on that would be to make a new meal together. Try making something a bit more complex that you normally wouldn’t tackle!

There is also the option of ordering some food from a local restaurant and bringing it home on the way back from work. This is a favorite of ours because it feels luxurious, but we still get to enjoy it at home with Kit sleeping upstairs. You don’t have to order something from a super fancy place, either. Whatever you like is fine!

Sometimes, these options don’t work. Maybe you don’t have it in the budget to order ingredients from the store for a new meal or to grab dinner on the way home. You can simply make the meal you had planned and eat it in a different location. For us, that’s eating at the table. We are those people who eat dinner on the couch, so when we sit down at the table with music and candles, it feels like a real treat!

You need some entertainment

One of the downsides to a date night at home is that the entertainment selections are a bit more limited. That doesn’t mean it has to be boring, though! Some of our favorites are board games, puzzles, and movie nights. For the movie night, we love to blow up the air mattress, light some candles, and watch the movie on the mattress instead of the couch. You could do this with the couch cushions or extra pillows and blankets as well!

Only you know what the two of you like to do, but make an effort to change it up a bit. A small change to an activity that you already love doing can make a huge difference!

Lastly, romance…

I’m not going to give you a play by play of what works for us, but the end result of a good date night often ends up in the bedroom. 🙂 During this entire date night, keep the romance at the forefront. You don’t need to re-enact the scenes from your favorite romantic movie, but a little really can go a long way! Be affectionate, be kind, use candles, play music, feed each other, hold hands, cuddle, kiss, hug, etc. Remember why you’re reading this blog post in the first place. You desire to have a night to remember with your husband because you love him. Don’t forget to show him that love on date night!

That’s all for my 4 essentials for a date night at home! Comment below with any of your own tips or let us know which one of these you plan to incorporate into you marriage!

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