1 Thessalonians 1-3 Bible Study Notes

Click to read my bible study notes for 1 Thessalonians 1-3! I hope it encourages you!

Hello, there! I hope that this post finds you well! I decided that it might be helpful and fun to record my notes from my bible reading here on the blog. These notes are by no means authoritative or even unique. I use the Blue Letter Bible App to study, & I take notes based on the commentaries found in the app. Some of these notes will be things that were brought to my mind during study, but most of them are things I have read that I thought would be helpful to me in understanding later. And I hope they might be of some help to you!

I am praying that this encourages you to dive deeper into God’s Word to see what is in store for you there!

Author of this book – Paul while traveling with Silas and Timothy. He wrote this letter after the events in Acts 18:5 when they were all together again in Corinth.

Chapter 1

  • v1 – Paul formed this church in Acts 17, and many think this may have been his first letter written to any of the churches.
  • v2 – The word ‘always’ is described by Hiebert as “continually, never skipping a single day”
  • v3 – We get the sense in this verse that faith produces work, love produces labor, and hope produces steadfastness.
  • v6-7 – They became & received in verse 6 so that they were able to become an example in verse 7.

Chapter 2

  • v2 – The suffering mentioned is referring to Acts 16:23-24
  • v16 – The Jews did not want followers of Jesus to speak to the gentiles at that time, because the Jews did not want the gentiles to be saved before first becoming Jews.
  • v17 – When they were apart, they eagerly wished to be back together in community.
  • v18 – Satan hindered Paul from going to them, so Paul wrote this letter and, eventually, many other letters to other churches – and what a blessing these letters are to us, today!
  • v19-20 – They (the Thessalonians) were the joy and crown of Paul & his companions, because they had helped the Thessalonians come to Jesus.

Chapter 3

  • v2 – Timothy was sent to ‘establish and exhort’ them in their faith. Notice how establish comes before exhort here. We must be rooted in our faith before we are encouraged in it, or we might be encouraged in the wrong direction.
  • v3 – We see here that we are destined for afflictions as Christians.
  • v4 – Matthew 13 tells us that tribulation WILL come.
  • v9 – Paul’s thanks and joy was overflowing.
  • v12 – Love is an essential mark of the Christian faith.
  • v13 – Holiness – set apart from the world & set unto God
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