1 Thessalonians 4 & 5 Bible Study Notes

Hey, there! Click through to read my 1 Thessalonians 4 and 5 bible study notes!

Hello, there! I hope that this post finds you well! I decided that it might be helpful and fun to record my notes from my bible reading here on the blog. These notes are by no means authoritative or even unique. I use the Blue Letter Bible App to study, & I take notes based on the commentaries found in the app. Some of these notes will be things that were brought to my mind during study, but most of them are things I have read that I thought would be helpful to me in understanding later. And I hope they might be of some help to you!

I am praying that this encourages you to dive deeper into God’s Word to see what is in store for you there!

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Chapter 4

  • v1 – The word “finally” marks a transition to the practical pat of Paul’s advice in his letter. We also see that growth in christian maturity is never finished as we are to do so more and more.
  • v3 – Sanctification is to be set apart from the world and unto God.
  • v4 – When we don’t restrain improper sexual desires, we act more like animals than humans.
  • v8 – Through the Holy Spirit, we have the resources to overcome sin, and we are responsible to use the resources given to us.
  • v9 – We have all been commanded to love one another, and yet we all still need to be reminded.
  • v11 – Yes, we should have ambition…ambition to live quietly, mind our own business, and work hard with our hands.
  • v13 – The death of a believer is sleep or rest, but for the unbeliever, there is no comfort in death.
  • v15 – “Proper christian anticipation includes the imminent return of Christ” -Thomas
  • v17 – “Death can’t break our unity with Jesus or other christians.” -Guzik
  • v18 – Do not take comfort, but give it and as we give, we shall receive.

Chapter 5

  • v3 – The labor pains mentioned speak of an inevitable & unexpected destruction.
  • v4 – We are not children of darkness surprised by the coming of Christ, so we shouldn’t act like it.
  • v6 – Let us not do as others do.
  • v7 – The sleeping mentioned refers to being indifferent to spiritual realities.
  • v11 – If all christians have a heart to comfort each other, then all will be comforted.
  • v14 – We must love different people in different ways, but we must be patient with all.
  • v16-18 – “When joy and prayer are married, their first-born child is gratitude.” -Spurgeon
  • v23-24 – This is done not on our own, but in God’s power.

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