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  • If you've ever had a hard time shopping for a man in your life, check out my gift guide for men!

    Gift Guide for Men


    I asked on Instagram if gift guides are something that ya’ll would like to see, and the consensus was…yes! I’m not a style or lifestyle blogger, but I definitely want to write…

  • Rekindle the intimacy in your marriage this Christmas season! Click through to get access to the Christmas Intimacy Challenge to make this the hottest December yet!

    Christmas Intimacy Challenge


    Last week, I put up a poll on Instagram asking what kind of post y’all wanted to see next. I had an overwhelming response for a post on rekindling intimacy in…

  • Intimacy in marriage is so important, no doubt about it! But have you ever considered the different seasons of intimacy you may go through in your marriage? If you're feeling discouraged by your intimate life, click through to read!

    Seasons of Intimacy in Marriage


    Since becoming pregnant, Alex and I have had to adjust to a lot of differences in our intimate life. Of course, I’m large and in charge now (sooooo rounnnnddd), but also…

  • Want to know FOR SURE if your husband loves you + what to do if he doesn't? I've got you covered! Click to read my advice on how to find out what he thinks!

    How to Know if Your Husband Loves You


    I have found the sure-fire way to figuring out if your husband really loves you + how to fix the problem if he doesn’t. It’s honestly crazy that I didn’t think…