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  • Do you like to highlight or write in the margins of your bible? I love to study that way, but I recently stopped. Click the post to read why I stopped bible journaling!

    Why I Stopped Bible Journaling


    If you’ve spent any time looking around this blog or at photos on my instagram, you’ve probably seen a picture of a brightly highlighted bible page with writing in the margins.…

  • Bible journaling seems to be all the rage right now! I've even found that using color and note-taking in my own bible forces me to slow down and really digest what each verse is speaking to my heart. Sometimes, the pressure to have a beautiful bible causes me to stress and miss the point, though. That's what I want to touch on. Click through to read!

    Finding Your Bible Study Style


    Welcome to another Super Short Sunday post! I’ve realized that I have SO much that I want to share with you, but sometimes it’s just a quick thought here and there.…